Welcome to Curated Vegan

Curated Vegan is an innovative vegan consulting firm committed to mainstreaming veganism in workplaces, special events, dining establishments, and lodgings.

Founded by Sara Pontecchi, whose frequent travels revealed a significant lack of vegan options, Curated Vegan was created to fill this void. Our mission is to make veganism a seamless part of everyday life, fostering inclusive environments that cater to diverse dietary preferences and lifestyles.

Through our expert services, we help businesses develop and enhance their vegan offerings in all aspects, from plant-based meals to vegan-friendly products. Our comprehensive approach ensures that workplaces can adopt vegan principles holistically, using everything from cruelty-free soaps to eco-friendly, animal-free furniture.

Our dedication to sourcing the top talent and highest quality products in the vegan industry enables us to deliver exceptional quality and innovative solutions to our clients.

Join us on our journey to make veganism an integral part of the global lifestyle landscape.

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